What is Kabbala? part 2

We are born equipped with everything necessary to accomplish our mission―the right genetics, looks, circumstances, parents, location, etc.On life’s path, each of us encounters people, things, and events that contain “sparks” (a kabbalistic metaphor for fragments of divine consciousness) that we are supposed to redeem just like in a video game. The only difference is that we don’t know where these “sparks are hidden. They can be anywhere, sometimes even in the lowest, darkest places, where we would never guess to look. We redeem them by striving to improve ourselves, bringing godliness, consciousness, kindness, and prayer, opening to the higher energies in this imperfect world. There is a fancy word for this concept of bettering the world: tikkun.

How did these “sparks” (fragments of divine consciousness) get lost and end up in our physical world? One of the stories about the “sparks,” according to the Ari (a big kabbalist from 16th century) tells us that the original world was full of revealed good, abundance,and unity. They say Adam was able to see from one end of the universe till other end, knowing everything. Some call that stage “paradise.” Then a cosmic mishap happened, and this perfect world was crashed by Adam’s infamous sin of eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is known in kabbalistic circles as the “breaking of the vessels.” (Many kabbalists believe that it was at this point that the physical body manifested, as it’s written that God made for humans ”garments of skin.” Before this, existence was only on a higher level with bodies made of “light.” With physicality, concepts like death, painful childbirth, etc. were introduced.) Simply put, that good world transformed into a less kind one, where the good is often hidden, where more work is needed, and more trouble is present, where choosing good is not so obvious.The holy sparks were buried in the lower, physical level. Humans are unique among creatures because they have a godly spiritual soul empowered by an additional animalistic soul and a body to function in the physical world. Only humans have the ability to collect and elevate these “divine sparks,” which can be in anything, some are buried so deep its hard to believe they’re really there. We are in a partnership with God in creating our universe. Each of us has a unique mission to find the “sparks” that only we can redeem. You and only you can accomplish your mission in life. This comes with a responsibility to know that you and everything you do matters now and forever, which is one of the main ingredients in life and the foundation of kabbalah. We must find our unique mission and path. Like the hasidic master reb Zusha said “ In the end of my life, by the divine tribunal i will not be asked “Why were you not Moses?” Instead i will be asked “Why weren’t you Zusha?” We all have to fulfill our own potential.