What is kabbala? part 4

In the world of the kabbala, everything has a soul. (The word soul here is not just used in its traditional understanding. Picture it also as meaning that everything has to have a root into the divine power to sustain it. God is the Force within all things. ) Even inanimate objects require a soul to exist, to connect to the energy of the infinite energy source, God.

The human being has the most complex, multi-leveled soul and existence on many levels, rooted all the way to the higher power. To utilize all available soul levels takes a lifetime of work and self-refinement. Some of us continue to exist on the lowest level. And there are some who are able to rise to higher levels of consciousness, utilize its energies, and perform acts what we call miracles. All the human soul levels exist on parallel levels to certain sefiras.

The make up of the human soul:

Nefesh, the soul of physicality, the animal soul, “essence of life”, soul level responsible on our level of actions, physicality. Our animalistic soul make sure we survive in the physical world. Corresponding to a sefira of Malchkut, and the universe level of Asyia. Nefesh is the life force for many people, who’s life revolve around one’s physical needs, like food, possessions,etc

Ruach (divine wind, spirit): the soul level of emotions, art, and beauty. It gives us the ability to rise above our immediate physical needs and stop to appreciate beautiful things.

Corresponds to the emotional sefirot and to the universe level of Yetzirah (formation), level of speech.

Neshama (divine breath): the intellectual level of the soul. Corresponds to the intellectual, higher sefirot. Originates from the level of universe called Beriya (creation), the world of thought.

These three levels of souls are involved in our daily existence.

The two more elevated levels of the soul are chaya (life”) and yechida (beyond self-consciousness, the level of oneness with God) most people never utilize in their life. Yechida sometimes manifest in sudden spiritual awakening, but we are not dealing with those here.

Later we are going to use this multi-dimensional kabalistic view of a human being to examine our levels of existence. Questions and meditations will help us analyze and understand where we may have voids that need to be filled. These are simple, time-tested, practical measures that have been designed for easy implementation into our lives to create more balanced, fulfilling and conscious existences. Once we have started working on our souls, we can craft an approach to take control of our bodies, sculpting a physical body with which we are happy.


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