As many of you know, recently i retired from boxing and i feel Throughout my professional career, I have been mentoring ,guiding and training people, which has brought me great satisfaction.  I am fortunate through my recent retirement to be able to begin a new chapter in my life.  I have gained tremendous insight through my experiences which has given me new perspectives on life and achieving ambitions.  My vision is to connect with people and empower them by fusing my discipline and passions into individualized goals for each of my clients. Through this blog, I aim to impart some of my thoughts, ideas and practical tips for living a fulfilling and accomplished life.
Please feel free to email me any question or a subject you would like to hear about.


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  1. Congrats fellow warrior for coming out the other side wiser, with more empathy for others(one of the unheralded benefits of the warriors path, for who feels it, certainly knows it) and more fulfilled.

    Luv and light.


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